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Just Paga (It)?

The mobile money space is quite a hot commodity right now, what with Kenya’s MPESA as a case study, it’s easy to understand why companies in that space are jostling for share of mind and market.  This is why it’s surprising that one of the more prominent mobile money companies, Pagatech, chooses to embark on a marketing campaign that seems quite random against the background of ad noise out there today.  Check out this billboard in Kano:

There’s a mobile phone. On a pillow.  And a company, which most consumers are still not yet familiar with, asking that same consumer to “Paga It”.  My first question as a consumer is, “Wait, What?”  The outdoor campaign was in tandem with a radio jingle that has a man singing “Just Paga It”.  Perhaps the campaign is more for brand recognition than one that elicits any sort of trial.  One can expect a large, well known company such as MTN to pull this off, but an unknown company in a new industry?  It would have been nice to see Paga introduce their brand to the consumer first, to increase trust.  Check out ads in Lagos…

Brand Recognition?  Check.  But who or what is Paga and why should I trust them to handle my money? Ummm….


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