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The Eyes Have It

New eye-tracking research at the Missouri University of Science and Technology shows it takes about two tenths of a second to form a first impression about a website.  First impressions, of course are extremely important since they determine how long a viewer will linger on the site, search around.  Typically, a view will spend approximately 3 seconds scanning the overall web page before fixating on a particular section.  The entire process is less than 10 seconds!

Important and useful information for marketers and website developers alike.  Study can be downloaded here.


About BRENTT Consulting

BRENTT Consulting is a market research firm founded in 2005, which provides world class consumer and industry research services exclusively to SME clients and high value entrepreneurs. We have a proven track record and have consistently delivered first class services to our valued clients. We also build tailor-made strategies and services to appropriately suit each client.


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