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Target Knows Before It Shows!

Are you buying more lotions? Vitamin Supplements? How about extra sanitizers and cotton balls? Then Target thinks you’re pregnant! Through it’s impeccable data collection analysis, Target is actually able to determine if a consumer or regular shopper is pregnant and how far along she is and thus are able to send direct marketing flyers and discount codes to expectant mothers, without them even knowing about the…well, targeting.

In the US, the giant retailer started sending a young teenager pregnancy related mail and her father being so upset at the influx of pregnancy-related stuff, marched down to Target to give them a peace of their mind. Upon getting back home and discussing with his daughter, he finds out that she really WAS pregnant. With 90% accuracy reported, Target actually broke the news to this unexpected grandfather-to-be!

Now that’s data-mining!


About BRENTT Consulting

BRENTT Consulting is a market research firm founded in 2005, which provides world class consumer and industry research services exclusively to SME clients and high value entrepreneurs. We have a proven track record and have consistently delivered first class services to our valued clients. We also build tailor-made strategies and services to appropriately suit each client.


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