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Airtel Fast Is An Attitude Campaign

Airtel Nigeria has entered into what seems like controversial waters with it’s “Fast Is An Attitude” campaign. The campaign draws mostly across two platforms: billboard and radio; with text such as,

millionaire @ 29.  that’s 5 years too late.

The ad DOES go on to talk about Airtel desiring to set the pace its customers have set for themselves but is the message lost?  This campaign has market research written all over it.  Airtel most likely surveyed it’s target market and realized that for Millenials, which this campaign seems to be geared towards, FAST is an important “virtue”.  Great!

Then why was twitter agog with people claiming the ad was offensive as they saw it as appealing to “Yahoo Yahoo” boys otherwise known as internet fraudsters?

  1. Market research should not be translated into campaigns verbatim.  They are consumer insights that should be woven into an integrated marketing strategy.
  2. Consumer Insights unless they are large brand studies, only show a little bit of the whole story.  Perhaps if they has asked about the connection between FAST INTERNET, MILLIONAIRE, & YAHOO YAHOO, one might have seen that those three terms together, in this society, have a negative connotation.

Nevertheless, Airtel is half-way there.  Insights SHOULD guide communications, but it sure is not the whole story!


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