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Nescafe gives “Konfydens”?


This…is Konfydens.

He’s on facebook, claims to have a website (they really should fix that. Link back to a global site? tut tut), AND, he’s got a few things to say:

Konfydens is the new pitchman for Nestle’s Nescafe in Nigeria. The recently launched “Konfydens” campaign apparently aims to encourage it’s target market to be adventurous and accompanies a brand activation of selecting lucky consumers to take a hot air balloon trip, as well as TVC ads. Certainly an exciting concept with the hot air balloon (in Ibadan no less!), and certainly a new experience but one is left wondering what the connection with coffee is. #shrug.

No matter, this Konfydens campaigns is a wee bit similar to the infamous Old Spice campaign – overly confident pitch man interacting directly with consumers within an ad – but it works brilliantly. A great example of adapting successful ad campaigns from other markets into the Nigerian market. The spots above would make great billboards and hopefully Nestle will also take that route as a part of this campaign.

Now that name though……


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4 thoughts on “Nescafe gives “Konfydens”?

  1. could u pls post “I am Nobody, Nobody is Perfect, I am Perfect” ad or topebello2000@yahoo.com

    Posted by Temitope Bello | April 25, 2012, 2:41 pm
  2. nescafe keep up, you are the best of all love you nescafe

    Posted by jolaiya david oluwaseyi | May 11, 2012, 10:59 pm
  3. They just launched a cafe at the University of Ibadan….Pretty Cool!
    You can check it out here…

    Posted by Seyi | June 28, 2012, 8:36 am

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