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Maybe It’s Time You Pay Attention to Klout. #JustSaying

Photo Credit: Gary MacLeod; Wired.com


The one thing every marketer wants to know is how to better reach consumers through all the social media and whatnot. Well, that’s what Klout tries to do. The service using algorithm, that quite frankly go over our heads, claims to be able to pinpoint exactly potential or actual customers are large influencers within their circle. Fair enough.

But then this guy writes about someone loosing a job prospect because his Klout “score” was not high enough. This just coming in at the heels of the whole employee-wants-your-facebook-password scandal, and it’s hard not to call foul. Anyone say Big Brother?

Still what marketer doesn’t dream of being able to target its perks and coupons to exactly those who WILL talk about it and influence attitudes? If we could determine that say a Sound Sultan has more Klout points than Banky, wouldn’t it make more sense to go with Sound Sultan for promotions? Or if a Tolu Ogunlesi has more Klout points perhaps HE should be twitting about your brand’s promotions and not say…MI. Sure takes the guess work out of the picture doesn’t it?

Klout is in beta and it’s free to join (for now), check out your score!


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