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Can You Use Sex To Sell Snickers? Why, Yes. Yes You Can

More Advertising is NOT the Answer

Another mobileYouth report on how marketing practitioners should focus more on enabling the peer to peer sharing environment and embedding marketing messages in that process rather than throwing more advertising spend at traditional and sometimes even new media outlets.  Short and insightful.  Just how we like it.


Case Study: How an Amazon Brand Loyalist is Made

The Creative Ones Are Not Yet…Born?


Author Tina Seelig gives a “crash course on creativity” in this Google Talk series.

Weekly Roundup +Ad of The…Month?

Omnicom ad agency BBDO opens up regional office in Lagos.

Famous Brands & KFC target Nigerian middle class consumers.

Samsung WA partners with Spinlet to launch Galaxy Pocket Smartphone

Loerie Awards launches new Africa and Middle East Categories

Visa International reaches 5 million user cards milestone in Nigeria

Olam pays $129m to acquire Brazilian sugar mill.

W Hospitality Group on the gnarly international hotel market in Africa.

Etisalat Nigeria holds Digital Marketing Conference to educate and encourage new media marketing.

Nigerian capital market loses N47billion last week as NSE dips 0.66%.

CNN Multichoice releases list of finalists for its African Journalists Award

Marketing Week discusses the rising numbers of Oxbridge graduates in the marketing profession.

Facebook set to release two new studies on how to increase marketing effectiveness on the network.

Nigerian outdoor advertising umbrella association OOAN decries multiple taxation by governmental agencies such as LASAA.

Five African graduate business schools ranked in Financial Times Executive Educations Rankings 2012

Digital Fire opens first Africa office with aims to take advantage of growing mobile marketing opportunities

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Maybe that poor BeatFM guy could have kept his job.  #sad

Best Times to Post on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr?

Don’t lie.  All marketers crawl the social media space looking to post items at just the right times to maximize clickthroughs.  Don’t lie, you’re one of them.

No more shooting in the dark, new data coming from bit.ly helps to solve that age old social media question:  Is anyone reading my facebook ad right now?

Want more info on the most effective times to tweet and maybe even pick up some valuable social media skills in general?  Tweetsmarter delves further into twitter research.  Thank us later.

Why You Love “The Wire,” Explained In Fascinating Detail

Because everyone needs to know why the Wire is arguably the greatest series ever made.

Don’t argue till u watch the video pls.

If you work in Advertising….Get Off Twitter!

No, really. Stop.

San Francisco advertising agency Heat recently commissioned a (small) study on some differences between (M)ad men (and women…don’t get your panties up in a bunch!) and the regular public and well…seems those of us in marketing & advertising a getting a tad high off of this stuff. Check it out:

  1. 57% of admen are on Pinterest vs 11% of normal folk
  2. A measily 23% of normal people even pay attention to brands on facebook.  Admen?  71%

Oh, and best of all?  We are more likely to be ON illicit drugs, 23% vs. 3% of normal folks.  Oh yeaaa *fist bump.

No. We are not on drugs right now. Nope.

Don’t Coffee-Block Your Smile…

Trident White wants nay pleads with you to stop coffee-blocking your smile.  Smart campaign by JWT created by the talented Angela Natividad, who interestingly has also done some work for the now defunct HiTV cable television company.  You want to visit her tumblr….trust us!

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