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If you work in Advertising….Get Off Twitter!

No, really. Stop.

San Francisco advertising agency Heat recently commissioned a (small) study on some differences between (M)ad men (and women…don’t get your panties up in a bunch!) and the regular public and well…seems those of us in marketing & advertising a getting a tad high off of this stuff. Check it out:

  1. 57% of admen are on Pinterest vs 11% of normal folk
  2. A measily 23% of normal people even pay attention to brands on facebook.  Admen?  71%

Oh, and best of all?  We are more likely to be ON illicit drugs, 23% vs. 3% of normal folks.  Oh yeaaa *fist bump.

No. We are not on drugs right now. Nope.


About BRENTT Consulting

BRENTT Consulting is a market research firm founded in 2005, which provides world class consumer and industry research services exclusively to SME clients and high value entrepreneurs. We have a proven track record and have consistently delivered first class services to our valued clients. We also build tailor-made strategies and services to appropriately suit each client.


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