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Strategies for Effective Tweeting

Ever wondered if there’s a method to all this twitter madness?  So have we!  Twitter’s still a relatively new medium but what are the strategies that could increase consumer engagement?  Facebook’s been recently trying to woo advertisers by unleashing presentations on maximizing presence on it’s platform but Twitter has relatively been mum.  Oh, there are tons of Twitter analytics apps and websites but it is true that the easier such information is to digest, the better for marketers looking to use the tool.  Buddy Media, a company focused on social media marketing, has recently released a study to help with just that.  Some key findings below (download the whole report here).

One caution:  how can the best days for your industry automatically be assumed to be weekends?  Don’t take THIS advice kids.  Weekday tweeting has been shown to be most effective and in Nigeria one can imagine more so.


Dinnertimin’ or Anytimin’

Gee, thanks McDonald’s…smh.

See why THIS Ad won the Grand Prix

DDB Worldwide threatens boycott of Cannes 2013

DDB Worldwide Creative Director Amir Kassaei is not a happy man right now.  Why?  He accuses Cannes Jurors of not being objective and voting along “agency lines”.  He says unless this issue is addressed by the organizers they can go….well, not in exactly those words but you know, same principle.

Not sure if this is a bit of a looser’s whine or if the guy really does have some valid points.  At this stage it looks unlikely that the organizers are really going to do something in the way of a healthy investigation but who knows?  A betting man might say Cannes Lions is too important for an agency like DDB to miss……

Hear what Amir has to say.  Valid points, really.

Twitter’s First TV Commercial…Hashtags and all.

Weekly Roundup: Orbitz, Apple, PZ Cussons, Domino’s Pizza

Google unveils Nexus 7 tablet at cheaper price point, targeting iPad’s domination.

Apple wins injunction against sales of Samsung 10.1 Galaxy Tab in the U.S.

Asia now boasts more high-networth individuals than North America.

Mac users pay more for goods online than PC users admit online travel site Orbitz

Experiential luxury on the rise as luxury industry reaches $1.5tn globally.

Online tracking gains in popularity amongst the web’s 50 most visited sites.

South Africa’s investor profile slumps as Nigeria competes for investment dollars

Engaging your customers may improve effectiveness of your staff, the FT writes.

Huawei sets up technical training facilities in Lagos.

PZ Cussons Nigeria unveils new ‘Cussons Mum & Me’ campaign, first ever designed for ‘bump to baby’

Nigeria to earn $136m from cassava export pact with China.

LASAA begins 3-month project to verify and capture all Out-Of-Home advertising properties in the state.

CAP Plc’s Dulux Paints embarks on N10m project to uplift facade of Red Cross Orphanage.

Punch Nigeria discusses lack of loyalty amongst customers within the telecoms industry.

Domino’s Pizza steadies for entry into Nigeria‘s growing retail and fast food industries.

Sony VIAO launches its E and C Series in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja.

Billboard Ad of the Week! Awesome.

Need we say more?

The Dark Knight Rises…


Make England’s Euro Exit Easier…..

England v. Germany. Yea…we know we know.

UK’s Easy Jet has quickly offered lemonade to British fans still nursing their loss: Why not dry your tears in Spain? Probably sounding really good some right now…..

A Cannes Lions Week of Winners: INFOGRAPHIC

Get The News With Your Morning Coffee

Canadian coffee shop Tim Hortons’ thinks you may want to read the news while sipping your coffee, while rushing in to work, while checking your to-do list for the day.

Why not?

Teaming up with Gulf News, whenever a customer buys a cup of teaming coffee, the cashier prints out recent news tweets from the Gulf News team right on the coffee sleeves.  Because it’s obvious we need MORE multi-tasking……

Golden sticker for innovation!