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Tiger Woods is BACK! Well…..sort of.

What do we have here?  Everyone remembers the Tiger scandals and how all his advertisers swore off him.  Goes to show:  you wait long enough, they’ll come creeping back.  This ad’s funny and brings the “old” and new together.  We love it!

A comment on Nike’s page brought up an interesting pit fall though.  The ad’s called “No cup’s safe”…he’s changed it to “no hole’s safe”.  Yikes.  Touche tiger, touche.


Heard the one about the Ninjango kit of the Ultrasonic Raider?


Yea, neither have we.  But then again we’re not 8.

But this guy is:  Luka Apps.

You see Luka Apps (actually 7 but who’s counting right?) writes a letter to LEGO, makers of said Ninjango kit explaining how he came about his kit – Christmas loot, and how he lost one of the characters – not listening to Daddy and taking it out of the house.  So the good folks at LEGO, wrote him a response and sent him the missing Jay ZX and some more cool stuff just for being a good boy.

See all is well with the world.  Who doesn’t need a heartwarming LEGO story every once in a while?  LEGO customer service: 1, Spirit of losing childhood toys: 0.


Everything you need to know about the Oscars (and Globes, etc etc.)

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Marketing 101: How to become the CMO

This video below from the CMO Club shares advice and insights from its current members who are leading CMOs in their industries.  Very useful info for beginners and mid-level marketing professionals who want to grow within their careers to the CMO position.

For those who just want to skim and read through later (yea, of course…) here’s a summary of key points:

  1. Learn to work with all stake holders.  Marketing is all about people, whether within your organization or with third party or service providers.  Marketers are custodians who must be at the forefront of what’s happening inside the organization but must also know what trends are developing outside with consumers etc, that will affect the brand.
  2. Develop data analysis skills.  In today’s world of SEO/SEM, Google Analytics and the like, no marketer worth their salt should stay away from the numbers side of marketing.  Gaining an edge in data analysis will always put you ahead of the curve.
  3. Understand social and mobile.  Understand how social fits into everything.  Don’t just do a facebook or twitter page and think that’s it but figure out a way to integrate social into other platforms.  Also remember that mobile is multi-channel: tablet, smartphone, etc.  Figure out which channels are best addressed with each target audience.
  4. Think outside the box, always stay fresh.  Have a solid and basic underlying knowledge in marketing but to move ahead ensure you’re always open to fresh additions to the theoretic background.
  5. Manage your own career.  Actively seek out tools and people who can help you develop professionally.  Finding a mentor is key to this as the mentor will be able to not only advice you but direct you to the right resources to help you along  your way.  So find a mentor and when you do, no matter how great they are, never allow anyone to tell you no!
  6. Understand how strategy links to marketing.  All of marketing is linked to strategy.  Many are drawn in by the execution but it is difficult to be an effective marketer if one does not understand the link between marketing activities and the strategy behind them.  Take the time to learn this to develop.
  7. Build emotional intelligence.  Pay attention to people and learn to understand the motivations behind every action.  You need to be able to read people and this skill comes mostly from interaction.  Get out there and experience the world, talk to people from diverse cultures and backgrounds without prejudice.  Remember that there are somethings that can not be read through a device.

Video is here

Fiat 500 + British Rapping Mommy = Advertising Genius!


If you don’t find yourself humming along to this Gin + Juice inspired ad from Fiat 500….we won’t judge BUT…

No wait, we will.  What could be better than a rapping British mommy with attitude and loads of swagoo (the kids still say that right?)? No really what?

Tell us, we’re waiting.  In the meantime, watch for the hook:

Are You The World’s Greatest Creative Director?

Well are you???


Real Time Customer Feedback in Nigeria???

Imagine sitting at Chorppytos in Lagos Island (don’t judge please) and the waiter screws up your order. You quickly send a message through your mobile phone to the manager and he comes right out to fix your order. No more “sorry ma”. Fixed! Now, Chorppytos may not be the best example here but c’mon you get the point don’t you?

Okay, fine. Yellow Chili’s then. Just watch the video. How revolutionary would Krit.com be in Lagos? If your brain is ticking quickly…get on it! #you’rewelcome