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Agency Name Pronunciation Guide


FffffffFFFF is french for FFFFFFFF.

Nuff said.  Watch.


Put Your CV on Amazon? Why Not!

Phil Dubost was looking for a job.  Phil Dubost thought, “Hmmm, how can I make myself standout in a see of CVs?  Phil Dubost created his own mock Amazon site and listed all his experiences, skills, and interest.

Phil Dubost is Awesome.  He’s probably hired at this point.

Check it out:


Read the whole site here.

Lotion + Jeans = Lotion Jeans. Thanks Wrangler!

Wrangler Jeans is releasing their new line of Lotion Jeans.  What is Lotion Jeans you ask?  Well, we’ll tell you!  Simply take your favorite fitting Wrangler Jeans (focus here…okay, imagine they were Wranglers then sheesh!), add a little aloe vera spray and Voila!  Wrangler Jeans.

Also in Olive Extract and Smooth Legs versions.  #Thankuslater.

Oh, Mick Jagger’s daughter is pushing the brand so you know it must be good.

lotion jeans

Padi Na Good Thing…Airtel Making Amends?

From millionaire at 24 (or something…) to Padi Na Good Thing.  Much more exciting execution of the same concept of young people fulfilling their dreams that Airtel seems to be married to.

But quick question….

How come telcos in Nigeria don’t favor giving out actual information about their brands in their TVCs?  They seem purely brand awareness exercises?

Either way, here’s another jingle to shake to at least.