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It’s Here…Nigerian Consumer Trends 2016!

The wait is over!  No more refreshing our blog or slideshare account waiting for the holy grail of Nigerian Consumer reports, it’s finally here!  Fresh off the presses, check out our predications for the trends that will drive consumers and brands this year. As always, these kinds of reports don’t do the work for you.  So how do you use this report to become the hero of your office?

  1. Connect. Reach your target audience at the point that matters most to them. This trend study can inspire brand owners to create marketing communications that is relevant and organic to the brand user’s lifestyle.
  2. Engage. Actively craft strategy that interacts with your client in his or her natural turf…seamlessly. Brand activations need not be staid, static affairs where consumers are pulled in reluctantly.  They can be little daily interactions that encourage trust & loyalty.
  3. Research. Deep dive into trend points to find out the extent of adoption within your own target audience and specific meaning for your brand.

Full report is available here.

Consumer Trends 2016


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