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Marketing 101: Mars CMO on what makes a good ad

Rich Display Ads Online Boost Purchase Intent & Brand Favorability

A recent study by Millward Brown in Australia showed that overall rich display ads combining pre-roll and video have the highest positive impact on purchase intent and brand favorability.  Other measures studied in the survey include influencers to online ad awareness and aided brand awareness.  Simple, static banner ads had the least effect on any of the four metric and showed that marketers and other brand stakeholders need to be aware of integrating their online communication with rich and innovative new media and display in multiple formats.  However they must keep in mind that there’s a law of diminishing returns with regards to high media displays.  The study suggests that five to eight frequencies is ideal with the brand logo visible in each frame.

The study also found that the more consistent the logo imaging in an ad the higher the response from the audience.  It is very easy to downplay the importance of logo development to branding, however Millward Brown confirms that even with online marketing, brand logo is a key element.


Age Screening for Twitter Followers

So what happens if you’re an alcohol brand who obviously wants to participate in social media such as twitter, but also want to maintain social responsibility regarding marketing to the underage?  Well Buddy Media, along with the good folks at Twitter, have just created a new FREE tool that allows brands to screen follower requests.  The age screen can be set by country and seems quite easy to use for both brands and their followers alike.  The best part of this service is that it’s free for now so….if you’re in Nigeria and want to test this out, now’s the time!

pssst….Nigerian Breweries, Diageo, Moet Hennessy, we’re looking at you…


Apple, Nike, Pepsi…the evolution of some the world’s most successful logos

Sometimes the most interesting thing about a brand is it’s logo. A great logo has wonderful tool to connect with your target market, communicate brand messaging, and really is the first step to creating a brand consumers are loyal to. Below, the evolution of some of the world’s most recognizable brands today:



Weekly Roundup

International hotel chains Marriot, Rezidor & Protea plan Nigeria expansion.

FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria retains South African advertising agency Letfield

South Africa’s Tiger Brands concludes agreement in principle to buy 63% stake in Dangote Flour Mills

EasyJet’s sister airline, FastJet targets Africa’s oil hub and emerging middle class.

With Q1 profits declared, Cadbury Nigeria looks to boost Q3 projections with facilities upgrade.

Nigeria’s Supreme Court finds BPE culpable in the sale of Alscon to Russian company Rulsan.

FT discusses marketing superheroes in an increasingly social and digital world.

The pros and cons of business & branding jargon, according to Lucy Kellaway.

New Ernst & Young report bets on emerging countries rescuing the developed world.

Looming Chinese economic depression finally catching up with luxury sector.

Airtel announces three year partnership agreement with Arsenal Football Club

New owners of MySpace keen to launch new service, Q4 2012; refocuses on music.

Pharma giant GSK slammed with fines by US government for inappropriate marketing of its drugs.

Behind The Scenes: Sprite’s New Global Campaign

Don Draper’s CV…


If only women spent less time cooking

Yes, the reference to Mount Rushmore is a little obscure for this market but one wonders if the folks managing Maggi in Nigeria would take a hint from a print ad like this one from their counterparts in Romania (who knew?).  It takes the now familiar connection of women, kitchen, cooking…blah blah blah and moves it forward into this century.  Same idea, different message.  Some people may take offense to hinting that women can use cooking time to achieve more….shall we say, progressive things…but going by research which suggests Nigerian women themselves take very well to the idea of achieving more, an ad like this would surely resonate with the target audience.

Question is:  Can Maggi take the hint?

Is This A Racist Ad?

Hint: Follow the unfortunate folks below and squint your eyes.  Go on…..

Yes.  It really DOES exist.  #Fail

When a client requests a “reality tv show” in their brief, it’s like….

You know!

Find more lovely media planning gifs here.

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