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P&G Pours Heart Out for Olympic “Thank You Mom” Campaign

Awww, pass the Kleenex will you?

Maybe It’s Time You Pay Attention to Klout. #JustSaying

Photo Credit: Gary MacLeod; Wired.com


The one thing every marketer wants to know is how to better reach consumers through all the social media and whatnot. Well, that’s what Klout tries to do. The service using algorithm, that quite frankly go over our heads, claims to be able to pinpoint exactly potential or actual customers are large influencers within their circle. Fair enough.

But then this guy writes about someone loosing a job prospect because his Klout “score” was not high enough. This just coming in at the heels of the whole employee-wants-your-facebook-password scandal, and it’s hard not to call foul. Anyone say Big Brother?

Still what marketer doesn’t dream of being able to target its perks and coupons to exactly those who WILL talk about it and influence attitudes? If we could determine that say a Sound Sultan has more Klout points than Banky, wouldn’t it make more sense to go with Sound Sultan for promotions? Or if a Tolu Ogunlesi has more Klout points perhaps HE should be twitting about your brand’s promotions and not say…MI. Sure takes the guess work out of the picture doesn’t it?

Klout is in beta and it’s free to join (for now), check out your score!

Weekly Roundup +Ads of the Week.


This is a REAL Oreos cookie ad from South Korea. Of course…

Coca-Cola, Nestle, and Nigerian Breweries sign MoU on waste management.

Nestle Nigeria grows PAT by 33%, opens new factory in Ogun State and launches Maggi Fast Food Association in Ibadan for Buka restauranteurs.

Wema Bank refreshes brand to better position itself post-CBN shuffle.

First Bank sponsors 6th Lagos Economic Summit in conjunction with state government

H&M luxury label, “Other Stories” set for 2013 launch.

Coca-Cola partners with Spotify to bring music content to its consumers in current and emerging markets for both brands.

Richard Gill of the Wall Street Journal writes on the “greenwashing” of the Olympics.

JWT New York wins pitch for US Tourism global marketing campaign.

World Bank releases study touting the benefits of fuel subsidy removal for African countries.

Nestle goes aggressive on emerging market potential as Financial Times wonders if Pfizer deal is worth the price.

Boston Consulting Group highlights “The New Millennial Consumer” and unique attitudes and behaviours emerging from this group.

America’s luxury retailers courting Chinese rich as sales slump stateside.

Emerging market brands ready to take the world-stage, Business Insider contemplates what this means for the global consumer.

Consumers getting more comfortable shopping online, but want more retail options to shop from.

One more ad of the week? Why not?

St. Matthias wants you to come to church, so they erected this billboard:

Jaguar’s Real Ad Agency Responds to Mad Men. CUTE.

Unilever wants you to “F*** The Diet”. No, Really…


You don’t want to count calories? Just let it be.

With Du Darfst you can enjoy food without regret.

Because Du Darfst means “you don’t have to.”

Just take what you want — Fuck the diet.

Du Darfst [you may].


Because…well, how many times haven’t we all thought?  “Eff this diet!”  Daring stuff from FMCG Unilever no less but they claim Germans aren’t phased by this language…knowing a few Germans, we’re not surprised!

Either way (yes, we like saying it too!):

Nestle Acquires SMA Brand from Pfizer

Nestle’s global acquisition of Pfizer’s baby foods category could be quite interesting for the Nigerian market. Over the years, Nestle has been quite good at localizing their global brands and Nigeria hasn’t been any different. Pfizer’s baby foods brands, especially its flagship SMA, are extremely popular in this market and may be a key category for Pfizer in Nigeria considering its bad reputation in the country.  It remains to be seen the affect of the loss of this brand to Pfizer Nigeria’s bottomline.  Our bet is that it’s not a very great for Pfizer’s management team.

For Nestle Nigeria however, this is no doubt a great acquisition to its brand lineup as it consolidates its holdings in the infant nutrition in Nigeria, a market in which it is already the market leader with bands such as Nan, Gerber, Nestogen, & giant brand, Cerelac.

Google Wants To Get Your Business Online….FREE!

The GNBO Web fair is a two-day event dedicated to helping Nigerian businesses create their very own websites at www.GNBO.com.ng. Web fair participants will be able to create their own customised websites with support from trainers, in as little as 1 hour, at no charge.

To reserve a seat, please go to http://www.gnbo.com.ng/event2012 to register today!

By participating in the web fair, you will get the following for your business:

  • Access to a new FREE and EASY tool to create a fully functional business website
  • FREE gnbo.com.ng sub-domain name (e.g. www.mybusines.gnbo.com.ng)
  • FREE matching mobile website
  • FREE web hosting

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you are advised to come along with:

  • A valid ID card
  • An active Gmail email address (if you do not have one already, go to www.gmail.com to sign up)
  • A working Laptop that is internet enabled (if available)
  • Prepared business content (photos, company write ups and marketing material in digital format using a USB/ flash drive) relating to your business

To reserve your seat please complete the REGISTRATION FORM today!


Please note: If you cannot attend, you can send a representative from your business that can create a website on your behalf.

Has Marketing Killed Pinterest?

Once upon a time, there was a quaint social website called Pinterest.  Women flocked to pinterest, displaying personal vision boards online, pinning away for hours, content with their creative contribution.  Then came the rising numbers, the huffpost articles, the speculations on Adweek, AdPulp, NYTimes….quietly at BRENTT we wondered if this was the beginning of the end for Pinterest.

In February, membership on Pinterest grew by 50% and the frenzy started to build. Suddenly brand managers and marketers sat up and paid attention. Almost too good to be true, if you had a brand or service geared mainly towards women, there was NO way you wouldn’t want to be on Pinterest. I mean come on! Then Obama signed up, Mark Zuckerberg endorsed, and brands started running campaigns on our quaint little Pinterest, Would all this advertising drive people away from Pinterest we wondered? Well, the figures are coming in and if we were at Pinterest headquarters, yea, we’d be worried.

Beginning of April, Pinterest had 11million+ users, 3 weeks later? That figure has dropped a whopping 3m to 8million users. It’s a no-brainer really. The first rule of fight club social media? Users don’t want to feel they are being advertised to….food for thought.

McDonalds Reflective Billboard

Water-Soluble Packaging?

Think of it.  This could revolutionize products packaging this side of the pond where we NEED green packaging.  No one needs Gala wrappers clogging up our drains.

MonoSol packaging looks like regular plastic wrappers but dissolve completely once immersed in water! It’s safe to consume and can even be made with flavors.

Thank Us Later.

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